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In order to suit your needs, we offer the following services:


Some of the key reasons why the importance of a brokerage services:

  • Extensive understanding of the market, able to promote your property to a wider number of buyers.
  • Knowledge of sale expenses, can estimate earnings of loses.
  • No need to worry about calls, appointments, inquiries or contract negotiations.
  • We are up-to-date with the tendencies of the market; loans, requirements, paperwork.
  • Awareness of the price market for properties and ready to provide a competitive and real price.
  • Optimization of time; best knowledge of procedures to buy or sell a property.
About the brokerage service:
  • Promotion of you properties through emails, social media, contacts, brochures and adds, depending on the type of property.
  • Information distribution among other strategic real estate brokers.
  • Our team of brokers can visit the property with clients every time necessary.
  • Assessment on price.
  • Lease and sale contracts expertise with the lawyer of your choice or one of our team.
  • Support in the finance or mortgaging process.
  • International promotion trough or website with no additional cost, with excellent search engines such as google.
  • Finally, the brokerage fee for sales is 5% of the final price. For rentals the fee is the first rent month. These fees may vary depending on special conditions and property type.

Tenant representation service.

This is a very successful business model, through which the most demanding requirements of our customers can be met, with the support and dedication of our team, by analyzing information, channeling and searching the best options available in the market, all with the final goal of saving the client time and money.

Consequently, the service becomes an outsourcing, related to decision making matters in the real estate area, regarding relocations, acquisition of properties or leasing, negotiations of contracts, property evaluations and valuation of properties, among others. All this with the only purpose of becoming the business ally you need to guarantee an exhaustive process for decision making.

Landlord representation.

Commercialization of commercial and residential projects, where we are the only representatives of the owner, and we provide a exclusive marketing and sales mix, supported by marketing and financial tools to quickly sell or lease the property.

Marketing and real estate assessment:

  • Real estate marketing research.
  • Feasibility studies of projects.
  • Real estate assessment and consultancy.

We have a team of specialized professionals to conduct studies for specific properties located in the Gran Area Metropolitana, with a special approach according to the client’s needs.

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